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January 06, 2010


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Heather Skinner

I have a question I have 2 bottles of RBS 1990 vintage, do you think it would still be ok & if so what do you think it might be worth? Always thought there would be a great occasion to open it, but alas haven't got there yet.

Wine without BS

Hi Heather,

You've done well to hold onto that for so long as it certainely wouldn't of lasted that long at my place :) It's condition and value really do depend on how well it has been stored but assuming it hasn't been exposed to extreme heat or cold then you could expect it to be worth around $150 a bottle, give or take.


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Welcome! After reading bad reviews about good wines, I decided I'd give it a go myself and remove as much of the 'BS' as I can.

Very dark with sunset highlights

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