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November 22, 2010


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Michael Ellis

I've only heard great things about this winery and these wines in particular. Looking forward to getting my hands on the 09 Lock & Key as soon as it appears in Brisbane stores!


Thanks for the write up on these. Did you get to try any of the other new vintages like the riesling? Would love to hear about those as well. Cheers, Danny


Hi Danny,

I certainly did try other Moppity releases, such as their Riesling and Sauv Blanc. Out of these two the Riesling would be my pic as at $15 it's yet another bargain. The Sauv Blanc was good, grapes actually come from Orange, but at $25 my feeling was there are better examples at that price or less.

In the end though the Shiraz just stood out so much it was clearly the one to write about!

Anthony Palmowski

Would love to hear your thoughts on the 2010 Lock & Key dude. Am hoping it compares just as good (if not better) than the 09. (especially since i missed out on the 09) ;(

Wine WithoutBS

Hi Anthony,

I personally have not tried the 2010 Lock and Key as yet. However, I have tried a 2010 Shiraz from a nearby vineyard in a drop that shares its premium fruit with Moppity and it was excellent.

No doubt 09 was a stellar vintage for the region but the 2010 is not far behind it at all and one wine maker told me he personally prefers the 2010s.

If I can get myself a bottle of this I'll post back my official comments but absolutely no reason I can think of why 2010 Lock & Key won't be amazing yet again!

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